Lockdown News

It seems that nobody got the news they were hoping for regarding the reopening of the U.K. on 21st June! The HSA were just as disappointed as everyone else as we had hoped to be able to run a few last-minute end-of- term activities and fund raisers. 2020/2021 has been a challenging year to raise money!

We are grateful however for the support we have received and are immensely proud of the money that we have given to the school this year.

Our target has been £6000 per school year and we have scraped together all the pennies we have to fulfil our commitment!

End of our academic year 2020/2021

We handed over a cheque to the school for £6000 this term. We have made a conscious effort to keep you up to date via our regular Newsletters of how that money is being spent. If you remember we have completed the funding for the new school stage which we

hope you will be able to view as soon as it is ordered, in place and restrictions allow you back in school again. The SEND team has had some extra money to fund vital resources, we have provided extra books, phonics books, science goggles, maths equipment, treats for Skipping Day, Year 6 leavers celebrations…the list is endless. It is so often these little extras that make our children’s lives that little bit easier and a little bit more fun. Has your child benefited from any of these things? Please continue to support us in any way you can!


We were overwhelmed (as we are sure you saw!) by the amount of people requesting new P.E. T-shirts. We have tried our best to keep the school shop open during the year and have been receiving orders via social media and email. We were recently given permission to open a small outdoor table sale in order to supply your P.E. T-shirts in time for Sports Day and we have never dealt with so many people!!!

We have now received our order from Mapac and this morning delivered all the T-shirts that were ordered. Mapac have done a fabulous job rushing through our order!

Mr Peters and Mr Daniels are particularly excited to see EVERYONE in their team colours for Sports Day this year!

We hope that “normal service” will resume in the new academic year and we will be able to open the shop to visitors.

If you wish to order your items direct from our suppliers you can visit www.mapac.com . You will be asked to search for our school and then will be shown the range of products available along with the prices. Delivery to school is free of charge.


We are hoping to open up Gateway payments for our HSA lottery. Please, please support us this way if you can. It is a great way for our school to make money and also for you to have a chance at winning some cash!

Numbers are pulled by our team each month. Currently winnings are £30 for 1st prize and

£15 for 2nd prize but if our participants increase, so will our prize pot! This year we were able to give over £600 to the school through our lottery! If you have helped us this year please join in again next year. If you haven’t given it a try yet, give it a thought! You can buy as many numbers as you like. You have to be in it to win it!

Local Business News

Year 4 were delighted to have been supported by Huffers on their school trip this year. Studying the geography of rivers, they went down to observe the River Brett, see the old mill wheel and view the valley that Hadleigh lies in from Constitutional Hill. Huffers did a lovely job of delivering the children’s ice cream treat to the park.

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