Hadleigh Community Primary School celebrated its 2019 Sports Day with many traditional races.

The children from Reception to Year 6 marked this annual event with an opening ceremony. The whole school joined together to produce a fun dance and a special guest appearance from PE TED arriving on the back on Kevin Carpenter’s 3 wheeler unicycle!

The children competed against each other in their coloured houses. There were many races which included sprints, obstacle, three-legged, relays, skipping, sack, and egg and spoon.

The overall winners of our 2019 Sports Day were: Green House!

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a success. The children also enjoyed ice pops at the end of a tiring day which were donated by the Home School Association (HSA).

Nursery Sports Day 2019

The children in Nursery took part in their own fun sports day. Some of the activities included obstacle, pancake, ‘oppy oppy’ and sprint races.

In true Nursery fashion, the event concluded with a mummies and daddies race. Much fun was had by all the children, parents, staff and not forgetting PE Penguin!