The admissions guide on the Suffolk County Council website explains the arrangements for admissions into Primary Schools and how to apply for a place. This can be accessed at the following page –

Please note: Suffolk County Council are no longer able to offer a catchment guarantee.

Schools can only offer a set number of places in any one year. This number is called the published admission number (PAN), which is based on a national formula for deciding how many children can go to a school, without causing overcrowding. Also, infant classes must not have more than 30 pupils with a single teacher.

PAN: 78

All school applications are processed and places are allocated by the Admissions Team at Suffolk County Council.  We always recommend that you state a 1st, 2nd and 3rd option, then these options can be taken into consideration.

In-year school application form (CAF2)

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Nursery Applications

Suffolk County Council ceased to coordinate Nursery admissions from 2017 which means that schools must now set their own policies ready for children entering school nurseries.

Our governing body is responsible for setting the published criteria and they have worked closely with the school to write our Nursery Admissions Policy. The policy includes information about how we offer the government-funded hours, including the 30 hours entitlement. It also talks about the possibility of additional paid childcare sessions.

For your information, a copy of the school’s policy for the allocation of Nursery places, which outlines the criteria, is available to view below.

The Nursery application form is also available for download below.


thumbnail of DOC-2019-20-Hedgehogs-Nursery-Application-Form
Hedgehogs Nursery Application Form
thumbnail of DOC-2020-12 Hedgehogs Nursery Admisions Policy
Hedgehogs Nursery Admissions Policy 20/21
thumbnail of DOC-Hedgehogs-Nursery-Booklet-2020-21
Hedgehogs Nursery Booklet 2020-21
thumbnail of DOC-2019-20-Hedgehogs-Nursery-Lunch-Club-Menu
Hedgehogs Nursery Lunch Club Menu
thumbnail of DOC-Admissions Poster 22-23
Admissions Poster 22-23