Summer Term 2021 – Our Curriculum Plan

A broad and balanced curriculum that prioritises knowledge to give pupils the best opportunity to retain and remember more.

Our Intention

Following the closure of school to pupils on Monday 4th January 2021 and the reopening on Monday 8th March 2021, and despite our best efforts to provide high quality remote learning, we cannot be sure of the impact this prolonged period of home education has had on knowledge retention and emotional well-being.

It has not been possible to cover our entire curriculum to the same depth as usual, or meet every expected standard given the level of disruption to schooling.

We need to ensure that our pupils have retained and remembered more. To do this we need to streamline our curriculum offer in summer term 2020-21 and prioritise knowledge from the entire academic year that is vital for progress in future years.

Amanda Spielman, Ofsted Chief Inspector, supported this approach in a speech at the ASCL Annual Conference 2021 on Wednesday 17th March. She stated…

We know that most children have learned less than usual over the past year. You need to teach them from where they are, not where you would have liked them to be.

So you will already be making tough choices about your curriculum: what to prioritise; what to limit; what to omit.

Pupils and learners won’t benefit from racing through subjects at pace – so that everything is covered to some degree, but little is covered well: a sort of ‘never mind the quality, feel the width’ approach.

We all know that building and consolidating learning takes practice and repetition. So, this is about schools making intelligent choices, not simply cramming everything in. What do children absolutely have to know? What are the building blocks that will help them move on to their next stage? What’s less important? And crucially, how does this differ from subject to subject? The approach that works for history, might not work for maths.

Compromises will have to be made.

Teaching time has never been more precious than it is now. So, this is also about making the most of every minute of the school day.

Children who are learning well and getting the wider school experiences – cultural, sporting, artistic and so on – with positive interactions with friends and staff – are likely to experience rapid improvement in wellbeing, leaving scarce resources to be targeted at the children most in need of help with mental health and other problems.

How we will implement our summer term curriculum

At HCPS, we will categorise knowledge that needs to be taught this term in 3 different ways:

  • Knowledge that may need a ‘light touch’ approach because it was previously taught in Autumn or will be revisited before the end of the Summer term.
  • Knowledge that can be condensed into less time than usual because it is consolidated next year.
  • Knowledge that must be covered fully since it is not repeated in other year groups or is a key building block to the next steps.

By maintaining a clear focus on a smaller number of priority areas we will ensure children have the best opportunities to retain and remember more.

Teachers’ planning has been amended to incorporate knowledge that was not taught because of the lockdown and address gaps in knowledge or misconceptions which may have arisen while completing home learning. ‘Revisit and refresh – retrival’ sessions allow children to recap existing knowledge and gives the teacher an opportunity to identify gaps or misunderstandings before gradually implementing new knowledge.

Please see your child’s year group “Learning Poster” for further details of the curriculum this term.

Most importantly, at HCPS, we have put our children’s well-being at the centre of our thinking. We acknowledge that children will have had different experiences during this pandemic and the most recent lockdown.

Running through everything we do are our core school values: Respect, Kindness and Honesty. This summer we will not only be focusing on the lost curriculum, but also on the loss of routine, structure, friendship and a sense of belonging.

At Hadleigh Community Primary School, our aim is to foster confident, life-long learners by providing a broad, balanced, creative and challenging curriculum, that nurtures each child and allows them to reach their full potential within a safe and stimulating environment. It is underpinned by fundamental British values of respect, honesty and kindness. Our curriculum delivers the National Curriculum in an exciting and purposeful way – cross-curricular links are exploited to make learning interesting and meaningful. The curriculum is enhanced through visits, visitors and special events throughout the year. The teaching of Reading, Writing and Mathematics is at the core and ensures pupils gain essential skills, understanding and knowledge, to allow them to become independent in their learning. We are seeking to develop a person who is both keen to learn throughout their lives and is prepared for the challenges of living in ‘Modern Britain’.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please contact the school office.

Curriculum - by subject

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Curriculum - by year group

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