It is a national priority to improve attendance in schools and good attendance is an extremely important part of your child’s education. Evidence suggests that children who achieve over 90% school attendance are more likely to progress.

The Education Welfare Officer (E.W.O.) regularly visits the school to check attendance for all children of compulsory school age.  Any child whose attendance falls below 95%, will be reported to the E.W.O. and if appropriate, a letter will be sent to the parents about the importance of your child attending school regularly.  If the attendance has not improved when the E.W.O. visits again, a further letter may be sent asking for you to attend a meeting.

With this is mind, we actively promote good attendance at our school. Attendance is an extremely important part of your children’s education and missing out on lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind and children with poor attendance tend to achieve less in both primary and secondary school.

thumbnail of Absence Policy – Pyramid September 2022-23
Pyramid Term Time Absence Policy 2022-23