Please see below a selection of our school policies. If you require a paper copy of any of these documents, please ask the school office using the details listed on our contact page.

thumbnail of POLICY-2020-01-Attendance
Attendance Policy
thumbnail of POLICY-SCC-Charging-Remissions
Charging & Remissions Policy
thumbnail of POLICY-2020-02-Complaints
Complaints Policy
thumbnail of POLICY-2020-03-SEND-v2
SEND Policy
thumbnail of DOC-2019-20-School-Development-Plan
School Development Plan
thumbnail of DOC-Safeguarding Policy 2020 APPROVED
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 20/21
thumbnail of POLICY-Subject-Access-Requests
Subject Access Requests
thumbnail of POLICY-2018-09-Data-Protection
Data Protection Policy
thumbnail of POLICY-2019-20-Behaviour
Behaviour Policy
thumbnail of POLICY-2020-03-Anti-Bullying
Anti-Bullying Policy
thumbnail of POLICY-2018-03-Managing-Aggressive-Behaviour
Managing Aggressive Behaviour Policy
thumbnail of 2019-09 Seesaw Acceptable Use Policy
Seesaw Acceptable Use Policy
thumbnail of 2019-09 Tapestry Acceptable Use Policy
Tapestry Acceptable Use Policy
thumbnail of Hadleigh Community Primary School Use of Zoom policy
Parents and Pupil Use of Zoom policy
thumbnail of POLICY-Privacy-Notice-Tapestry
Tapestry Privacy Notice
thumbnail of POLICY-2019-20-Pupil-Parent-Carer-AUP
Pupil, Parent & Carer Acceptable Use Policy
thumbnail of POLICY-2020-01-Volunteers
Volunteer Policy
thumbnail of POLICY-Privacy-Notice
Pupil Privacy Notice
thumbnail of 2018-09 Home School Agreement
Home School Agreement
thumbnail of POLICY-Employee-Privacy-Notice
Employee Policy Notice
thumbnail of POLICY-Privacy-Notice-Job-Applicants
Job Applicants Privacy Notice