Please see below a selection of our school policies. If you require a paper copy of any of these documents, please ask the school office using the details listed on our contact page.

thumbnail of DOC-Safeguarding Policy 2020 APPROVED
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

thumbnail of POLICY-COVID-19-Child-Protection-Safeguarding-Addendum
Safeguarding & Child Protection COVID-19 Addendum

thumbnail of 2021-03 SEND Policy
SEND Policy

thumbnail of 2021-03 SEND Information Report
SEND Information Report

thumbnail of POLICY-2020-01-Attendance
Attendance Policy

thumbnail of 2020-21 Behaviour Policy
Behaviour Policy

thumbnail of 2021 Charging and Remissions Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy

thumbnail of 2021 Complaints Policy
Complaints Policy

thumbnail of Data Protection Policy 2019-21
Data Protection Policy

thumbnail of Subject Access Requests
Subject Access Requests

thumbnail of Tapestry Privacy Notice
Tapestry Privacy Notice

thumbnail of Pupil Privacy Notice
Pupil Privacy Notice

thumbnail of Employee Privacy Notice (NEW)
Employee Privacy Notice

thumbnail of Job Applicants Privacy Notice (NEW)
Job Applicants Privacy Notice

thumbnail of 2018-09 Home School Agreement
Home School Agreement

thumbnail of POLICY-2019-20-Pupil-Parent-Carer-AUP
Pupil, Parent & Carer Acceptable Use Policy

thumbnail of 2021-09 Tapestry Acceptable Use Policy
Tapestry Acceptable Use Policy

thumbnail of 2021-09 Seesaw Acceptable Use Policy
Seesaw Acceptable Use Policy

thumbnail of Zoom Pupil, Parent, Carer Acceptable Use Policy 2021
Pupil, Parent & Carer Zoom Acceptable Use Policy

thumbnail of 2020-21 Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy

thumbnail of Managing Aggressive Behaviour Policy 2018-21
Managing Aggressive Behaviour Policy