KS2(Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6)

In Year 3, we begin by learning the formal definitions of the elements of music, which are:

Metre, Tempo, Harmony, Instrumentation, Pitch, Structure, Texture, Expression and Rhythm

Each of the elements has an associated character; the children are introduced to all of them via a song and the acronym MT HIPSTER.

These elements of music then become the core threads of knowledge that run through our key stage 2 curriculum. Children experience music from a variety of classical and popular genres, as well as music from around the world, following the key processes of ‘know’, ‘recreate’ and ‘create’.

As children progress into upper key stage 2, they get to know their own musical strengths and can choose to access the curriculum using the instrument with which they are most confident, creating whole class bands and smaller ensembles.

Key Learning Resources

Below you can find the key learning resources for KS2 to support your child’s music at home. Resources are added throughout the year:

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