Each half term, a musical focus is chosen for the whole school and a playlist is created. Children listen to a piece from the playlist when entering assembly on Mondays, as well as other opportunities across the week.

We encourage the children to consider their opinions on the music they are hearing and to give reasons for those opinions.

The aims of the project are:

  • To develop pupils’ confidence in discussing a wide variety of music.
  • To increase pupils’ ability to recognise culturally significant musical works.
  • To encourage dialogue around musical opinions/tastes/preferences.

We encourage our families to listen along at home using the YouTube playlist. This half term’s Whole School Listening Project focus is ‘Motown’, and the playlist can be found by clicking here

Our previous foci have been:

Spring 1 2023: John Williams

Spring 2 2023: Choirs around the World

Summer 1 2023: Eurovision

Summer 2 2023: Staff Song Recommendations

Autumn 1 2023: Koji Kondo

Autumn 2 2023: Self-Promoted Musicians

Spring 1 2024: Queen

Spring 2 2024: Beethoven