Hi there. I would like to introduce myself. My name is PE Ted and I am a member of the PE team at Hadleigh Community Primary School.

I was minding my own business in Hamleys toy shop in London hoping that one day I would be lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet children who have the same interests as me, which is keeping fit and healthy. Luckily Mr Peters came into the toy shop during and told me all about the children at Hadleigh Community Primary School and how they enjoy the many sporting opportunities they have. I couldn’t wait to meet them and be part of their school. So, I packed my bags and set off for Suffolk.

My role as PE Ted means that I am lucky enough to take part in school sporting activities. I am also given the opportunity to see children from Hadleigh Community Primary School participating in sport outside of school.

P.E. Ted's Challenges

PE Ted loves to encourage all the children and their families to take part in daily and weekly physical activities at Hadleigh Community Primary School. Therefore, PE Ted has set a total of 34 challenges, aimed to test the pupil’s speed, agility, balance, core strength and coordination. PE Ted has been setting these activities all around the school, ranging from the main hall, the field, classrooms, playgrounds and the new fitness area. He was even spotted having a chill out in Mr Pilkington’s office! Please take a chance to look at PE Ted’s full challenge videos on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Hope you enjoy taking part in PE Ted’s challenges!