Due to current COVID 19 guidance unfortunately Military Mates will be unable to run during the first half term. This is due to minimising cross contamination of pupils and staff crossing year group bubbles. However if you feel your child is struggling and would benefit from some additional support and guidance within school I will endeavour to meet with your child, while maintaining social distancing. If you have any queries or would like to highlight to myself any changes that you feel may impact upon your child, such as postings, upcoming exercises or operational tours please feel free to contact me by emailing: MilitaryMates@hadcps.uk.

At Hadleigh Community Primary School we work alongside parents who are members of HM Forces to welcome and support families and children to the school.

Miss Horwood runs a club, Military Mates, exclusively for pupils whose parent or parents are members of HM Forces. It is not compulsory for pupils to attend and is available as a drop-in club as and when pupils wish to attend. Some children attend every week.

We meet on Tuesdays from 12.15 PM in RH, Miss Horwood’s Reception classroom, down in the south lobby. Outside the classroom is a Military Mates display board with a world map complete with drawings of where pupils Mums or Dads who are serving may be with clocks showing relevant times zones in line with current parent’s overseas deployments. The children will also have the opportunity to count down on the big calendar to their parents return.

Children can come to the club for a chat or to take part in a variety of activities some of which are listed below:

  • Make personal I.D badges.
  • Write letters and blueys to parents overseas.
  • Make memory scrapbooks.
  • Find out where in the world their parent/s are.
  • Play games like snakes and ladders, ping – pong and card games like Top Trumps.

Useful Links

  • Little Troopers: A registered charity supporting children whose parents are serving in the British Armed Forces - littletroopers.net
  • Little Troopers Treasures: Little Troopers teamed up with Harper Collins Children's books to create an app which allows serving personal to record themselves reading a story which can then be sent to their loved ones - littletroopers.net/treasures
  • Supporting children, young people and families during periods of deployment: Supporting children, young people and families during periods of deployment: A booklet of information about how to support your child, family and yourself during the period of deployment - raf.mod.uk/.../help-for-parents-children-during-deployment/
  • Reading Force: The shared reading activity for forces families https://www.readingforce.org.uk/
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