Staggered start and finish to the school day

Thank you for your help and cooperation with the beginning and end to every school day. When I wrote to you at the start of the school year I suggested that: “this will be a significant challenge for us all. We are a large school: 520 children arriving and leaving school, maintaining social distancing, will be tough.” This continues to be the case. It is vitally important that we all adhere to the following…

When dropping your child off in the morning and collecting in the evening please remember the following points:

  • Please arrive at your allotted time – one parent/carer per family (child)
  • If you arrive before your allotted time, please form a socially distancing queue along the front of the school, staying inside the red line.
  • Please do not wait in the areas in front of the pupil entrance, the entrance to Playstation and in front of the staff car park entrance. Find a socially distanced space elsewhere.
  • Please do not loiter outside the school after drop off/collection – move on quickly.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER – there are several free car parks in Hadleigh. We are receiving an increasing number of complaints from our neighbours where parents are blocking driveways etc. Please be considerate.

Seesaw and Tapestry

Next week your child’s class teacher will be writing to you via Seesaw/Tapestry detailing how your child has settled back into school this half term. This is in lieu of parent consultations which would have taken place next week.

Birthday treats

If your child is celebrating a birthday and would like to share a little something with their classmates please ensure this is in the form of sealed, small treat packs of sweets (for example, Haribos).

Learning Posters

This term’s Learning Posters are available here –

The cold weather

As we enter Autumn/Winter, due to Covid19 measures, we have to maintain good ventilation in school. This will mean windows and doors remaining open. Please ensure your child is suitably prepared for the chilly weather…both outside and inside!

Soggy, wet feet

Rain, rain, and more rain! When will it ever stop? At HCPS we have a clear commitment to outdoor PE and getting outside at playtimes, even in inclement weather. We also have playgrounds with lots of puddles! Consequently, feet can become cold and wet. Please ensure your child has a spare set of footwear and socks should they need to change. This may well be the additional pair of trainers children need to bring in to school for any extra PE and outdoor sessions, but on the day they come to school in PE kit, please provide additional footwear as well.

Only a piece of fruit or veg for break time snack

In Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 please only provide a real piece of fruit or veg for a break time snack. A piece of fruit/veg is provided for Year 1, 2 and Reception. Some children are starting to bring in items such as fruit winders and fruit snacks in packets (such as yoghurt coated fruit).


Please remember that children can bring to school 1 hand sized toy.

Applying for a Reception and High School Place 2021/22

If you have a child whose date of birth is between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 you need to apply for a Reception school place by the deadline of Friday 15th January 2021.

If your child is currently in Year 6, you need to apply for a High School place by the deadline of Saturday 31st October 2021. All applications can be made online via this link –

Term Dates

Link here –