Dear Parents/Carers

As we move towards the end of this school year it is clear that it will conclude like no other. No excited Year 6 pupils enjoying their final moments in school, signing shirts and bidding their friends and adults farewell; no hoarse voices and tired limbs from Sports Day; no nervous excitement meeting the “new” teacher; no exhausted staff, parents and children returning from a memorable camp.

The past turbulent and unpredictable four months have been extremely difficult for us all to navigate, but I would like to take this moment to thank you all for kindness and understanding. I would also like to thank every member of the school staff for their support. As a community we have pulled together and provided as best we can for our delightful children.

It is our plan to reopen fully in September – but we all need to be aware that we will still be constrained by social distancing measures. The school day may be staggered with different drop off and pick up times, children may be kept apart, before and after school care may be limited, enrichment and extra-curricular activities limited.

I will be writing to you in mid to late August explaining, in detail, how the new school year will begin on Thursday 3rd September.

Reports, classes, welcomes and farewells

You will soon be receiving your child’s school report electronically. Included with your child’s report will be a letter detailing your child’s new teacher. Next year’s teaching teams are as follows…

  • Mrs Lee and Mrs Limond will be teaching in Nursery.
  • Mrs Beaumont-George/Mrs Loveys, Miss Horwood and Miss Shemming will be teaching in Reception.
  • Miss Baker, Mrs Bodsworth and Miss Rumsey will be teaching in Year 1.
  • Mrs Farrow/Mrs Pittaway, Mrs Holdaway and Mrs Cocks will be teaching in Year 2.
  • Miss Cook, Miss Hoyles and Mrs Scales will be teaching in Year 3.
  • Mrs Clarke, Mrs Whitmore/Mrs Pittaway and Mrs Bewsher/Mrs Gissing will be teaching in Year 4.
  • Mrs Douglas, Mrs Gunson/Miss King and Mrs Rankin will be teaching in Year 5.
  • Mrs Peters, Mrs Watkins and Mr Bassett will be teaching in Year 6.

We are delighted to welcome Miss Rumsey and Mr Bassett to HCPS. Mrs Pipe has recently started maternity leave. We bid farewell to Mrs Ashton, who most recently taught in Year 1, Miss Brinkley, a teaching assistant in Reception, and Miss Osborne, a teaching assistant in Nursery. We wish them all every success in the future.

…and finally…

I am sure you will all join me in wishing our current Year 6 every success in their High School education and good luck to all other children who may be moving on.

On behalf of everyone at HCPS, I wish you all an enjoyable and, hopefully, sunny summer holiday. School and home learning ends on Friday 17th July and school reopens on Thursday 3rd September 2020.