At Hadleigh Community Primary School we follow the Suffolk Agreed RE syllabus, giving the children opportunities to learn about and to learn from different religions. We are not a church school and do not promote any one religion over another. However, more emphasis is placed on the teaching of Christianity since this is a statutory requirement and the Christian faith forms the fundamental basis of law and traditional culture in Britain.

RE is about helping children to understand how people with different beliefs make sense of life, and to have confidence to think through big questions for themselves.

As well as discussing a range of ultimate questions, the children have the chance to discuss ethical issues too. At the same time, they are encouraged to show open-mindedness and respect, as well as developing greater self-awareness.

We find out what people do in different religions, beginning with children from Christian and Jewish families, then later from Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and Humanist families. We learn through shared stories, drama, creativity, study of artefacts and sacred texts, visits and visitors or `virtual’ experiences through ICT. Some of our learning takes place in weekly lessons, or during RE days or a mixture of the two. Once a month we have visits from the ‘Open the Book’ volunteers to our assemblies.

We also talk a lot because we are developing our thinking and questioning skills. We need to know how we fit into the world around us, what is important to us and how what we do will make a difference to other people – and to ourselves!

Reflection, interpretation and application are essential ingredients in the children’s learning and they are constantly encouraged to make personal responses.

The Emmanuel Project

To help deliver our RE curriculum, HCPS use The Emmanuel Project. This is an RE scheme of work for EYFS to Y6 which covers the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus for RE (2012). It was written by the Diocesan Schools’ Adviser in consultation with local teachers and advised by members of different faiths on Suffolk SACRE.

The Emmanuel Project provides a complete set of 42 enquiry based units for teaching RE across the primary school based on the steps of: Engage, Enquire, Explore, Express and Evaluate. They provide exciting lessons that are well-structured, with clear progression and assessment opportunities throughout.


Scrapbooks are also used in each year group to help ‘showcase’ RE in action and to capture valuable moments, responses, practical/ drama activities. Children’s work, photographs, call outs and post-it responses are all incorporated. As well as ‘showcasing’ the children’s learning, the scrapbooks help to show the children’s developmental progress.